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So you need to write a eulogy

I’m sorry. If this is the case, you’re grieving and that sucks. And now you have a writing assignment—one that culminates in a reading in front of either a bunch of strangers or a bunch of people you know or a mix of both. Hard …read more

Why we name the cause of death

I know this might be a sensitive topic for some people, and it is also one on which I am opinionated, so I’m just going to come right out with it. It is important to name the cause of death in an obituary, preferably early …read more

Why would you write your own obituary?

A recent article in The Guardian reported that dying “well” in a “planned and personalized way” has become a bit of a trend. “One of the chief desires of our time is to turn everything we touch into a reflection of who we are, how …read more

The time capsule of an old tribute

The first person I knew well who died was also the first person I “went out with,” though in actuality we went very few places aside from walking home from school together. We held hands until there was a car coming, and then I’d let …read more

Anatomy of a great obit

Avid readers of obits know when we’ve found a good one. For many of us the pursuit of a well-written tribute is why we’re reading the obit page in the first place. To get someone’s essence just by reading words on a page or on …read more