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I’m happy to introduce a new feature at dear person obits—two inexpensive ebooks: Writing an Obituary in Four Easy Steps and Writing Your Own Obituary in Four Easy Steps. 

Each 25-page ebook includes:

• A look at six things most meaningful obituaries have in common

• Examples from real obituaries

• A list of the questions I like ask when I’m working with clients, before I start writing

• An easy-to-follow guide to the traditional obituary structure, along with a few ways these standard “rules” might be broken

• Thoughts on some of the hard parts, like how honest and forthcoming to be about flaws or hardships.

• Advice on putting it all together with care, compassion, and verve

Whether you’re interested in writing your own obit—and you should be (see my post about why you should think about doing that)— or you’re in writing an obit for a loved one, these two short books will guide you through the process.

As one of my clients wrote in a thank you note recently, an obit is a “digital epitaph.” For those of us who aren’t celebrities or published authors, an obit truly is the last word and one that will hang around on the Internet for years to come. And yet many obits need to be pulled together in seventy-two hours. 

If you’re interested in more information about obits before you write one, this easy guide offers you a manageable way to learn how best to honor the stories of your dear person. Or, if you’re writing your own, my guide gets you thinking about how you want to be remembered. 

Need any help along the way? I’m available for a consultation, to help edit what you’ve written, or to take your answers to my questions and pull it all together. Contact me anytime.

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