The best part of my job

The Grief ProjectThis photo I grabbed from Instagram reminded me of something I’ve been thinking about. The post was from a Penn State program called The Grief Project, which “explores the transformative experience of losing a family member in a death-and grief-avoidant society.” Hear, hear!

Often when grieving loved ones come to me, they’re in the midst of arranging so many details for death care, for animal care, for a memorial, for an estate. It feels sometimes like they come to our phone interview or Zoom or in-person meeting with a certain let’s-check-this-box-now attitude. And believe me, I get it. I’ve been there.

Something shifts when we start digging into the life of their dear person—about their quirks and their flaws and their obsessions and the things that made them laugh and drove them crazy. You can almost feel the shift. There is laughter; there are sometimes tears.

These conversations are the most important part of my business, of the process of putting down words about someone who died. Once the stories are flowing, I can see it on faces, hear it in voices, this is the thing we should be doing right now.

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