obituaries with care, compassion, and verve

At dear person, Jamie gathers your loved one’s essential stories and distills them into a portrait that’s as unique as they were.

... She was the best car crooner around and had a special fondness for Billy Joel. ...

... He loved to eat Good and Plentys while playing dominos. ...

... She changed her hair color with the seasons. In the end she went with a shade called red hot cinnamon. ...

... He had the patience for complicated origami and could fold up a tent after camping like nobody’s business. ...

... She could rip off the price tags from a new item of clothing so stealthily, they’d be in the garbage before you could grab a pair of scissors. ...

What did everyone love about them?

That’s my favorite question to ask. Telling your departed loved one’s stories can be a soothing activity and is one of the best ways to honor their life.

But when you’re grieving it can be difficult to find a space to be reflective while also doing the research necessary for an obituary. That’s where I can help.

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Want to write your own obit? Let me help.

Writing your own obit is a fulfilling exercise that will be a big help to your loved ones when you die. I also have a structured program, with one-on-one coaching, to help guide you through this important project.

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e-books on the obit writing process

For those who want to do all the work of writing an obit themselves, I have written two short ebooks: one describes how to write an obituary for a loved one, and the other will help you write your own obituary.

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