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Why would you write your own obituary?

A recent article in The Guardian reported that dying “well” in a “planned and personalized way” has become a bit of a trend. “One of the chief desires of our time is to turn everything we touch into a reflection of who we are, how …read post

The Time Capsule of an Old Tribute

The first person I knew well who died was also the first person I “went out with,” though in actuality we went very few places aside from walking home from school together. We held hands until there was a car coming and then I’d let …read post

Anatomy of a Great Obit

Avid readers of obits know when we’ve found a good one. For many of us the pursuit of a well-written tribute is why we’re reading the obit page in the first place. To get someone’s essence just by reading words on a page or on …read post