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The fee for a standard obituary is $400.

When you order an obituary, you will be emailed a questionnaire that will help me with the particulars of your loved one’s life. It will also prompt you to remember some of your favorite stories about them.

When you return the questionnaire, I’ll follow up with phone interviews to hear more stories and memories of your loved one and to clarify any details from the questionnaire.

You will then receive a completed obituary at your preferred length.

A couple of things to know:


  • A standard obituary includes two phone, Zoom, FaceTime, or in-person interviews with loved ones.
  • The obituary can be delivered 48 hours after you return answers to the questionnaire.

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special situations

If you’d like more interviews or need the obituary on a shorter deadline, the price may be higher. Please contact me if you would like something different—or if you have questions or are just curious if I am the right fit for you.


Remember that if you choose to publish the obituary in a newspaper, you will usually need to pay an additional fee to the paper, which is often based on word count. So you may want to inquire with the newspaper about that cost before you send me your desired word count.

living obituaries

For some people, writing their own obituary is an exercise in reflection. It can be helpful and even fun to process what is important to you. For others, it’s a way to become more comfortable with the inevitability of death. And for still others it’s a way to make sure your obituary accurately represents how you want to be remembered.

I have a structured program to work with you one-on-one to create an honest and meaningful story of your own life. The fee for this coaching service is $150.

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eulogies & speeches

In addition to writing obituaries, I am available to help with eulogies and other speeches, including toasts, presentations, and talks. Read a eulogy I wrote here.

For this work, I charge $45 an hour. Please contact me if you are interested.