how to write a meaningful obituary

Writing an obituary is a beautiful way to honor a person and to keep their stories alive. And of course, a life is about more than dates, awards, achievements, and jobs. Conveying a true sense of a person starts with asking the right questions — of yourself and of other loved ones.

I can help you with those questions and guide you through the research and writing process with my a 25-page ebook. Writing an Obituary in Four Easy Steps includes:

  • A look at six things most strong obituaries have in common
  • Examples from real obituaries
  • A list of the questions I like to ask when I’m working with clients, before I start writing
  • An easy-to-follow guide to the traditional obituary structure, along with a few ways these standard “rules” might be broken
  • Thoughts about why you might want to be forthcoming about a person’s flaws or foibles
  • Advice on putting it all together with care, compassion, and verve

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