a guide to writing your own obituary

Writing your own obituary is both challenging and rewarding—and it will be a huge help to your loved ones when you die. Practicality aside, this is an opportunity to reflect on your life and what you want people to remember about you—your accomplishments and passions, your contradictions, even your shortcomings. Your obituary is the last word about you. Who better to decide what those words say than you?

I’ve written a 25-page ebook to guide you. Writing Your Own Obituary in Four Easy Steps is based on my process and it includes:

  • A look at six things most strong obituaries have in common
  • Examples from real obituaries
  • A list of the questions I like ask when I’m working with clients, before I start writing
  • An easy-to-follow guide to the traditional obituary structure, along with a few ways these standard “rules” might be broken
  • Thoughts on why you might want to consider being open and forthcoming about some of your own flaws or about difficult parts of your life
  • Advice on putting it all together

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