Sample obits

Thank you to the families for granting permission to republish these here.

Jean Marilyn Nuss Passaro, 1932–2021

Jean Passaro, a cheerful matriarch who worked hard and lovingly at everything she did, died October 3 in Coeur d’Alene of complications from dementia. A longtime Wood River Valley resident, she was 89 and loved her children and grandchildren as much as she was beloved …read more

Julia King McFarland, 1923–2021

Julia King McFarland was a mother of nine and a matriarch in every sense of the word. Nurturing the members of her large family, doing herself what many parents today might outsource, she created waves of opportunities for everyone she loved. A resident of Natchez, …read more

Kathy Jo “Toni” Hammer, 1960-2020

A lifelong tenderheart and lover of fun, Kathy Jo “Toni” Hammer was just weeks away from her sixtieth birthday when she died of heart failure November 3, 2020. She leaves behind a heartbroken partner, two beloved (i.e., spoiled) cats, and many loved ones who will …read more

Janet Lenore Vaughan (Malling) Ely, 1941-2019

The world lost a true giver when Jan Ely passed away due to complications from Alzheimer’s in Los Gatos, CA, December 26, 2019. She was 78. Jan had a warm heart, a gentle, playful spirit, and a radiant smile that made everyone around her feel …read more

Gerard C. Gold, 1962-2019

He was known as “G.” “G” for Gerard and “G” for Gold but also “G” for genuine, “G” for giving, “G” for “You good?”, the daily text he sent to those in his wide circle. He was a short man with a big presence. A …read more

Sheila Urbanetti, 1927-2019

Sheila Urbanetti used to say that the three most important things she’d done in her life were: 1) have her two children 2) separate from her husband 3) have her knees replaced. And in that order. That’s just how she was—all five foot, two of her: …read more