write your own obituary, with one-on-one coaching

I encourage everyone to write their own obit. Not only is it an exercise in self-reflection, it’s a place to stash your death care wishes and memorial plans and will be a huge help to your family when you die.

Maybe this sounds depressing or intimidating. I get that, but it doesn’t have to be. A great obit is like a mini-memoir, so this is really just a writing exercise with a focus on your personal legacy.

Obits don’t have to be formal or conventional—though they certainly can be. They can be a prose poem or a list of things you loved and things that drove you crazy. Maybe yours will be written in first-person, maybe third-person. Maybe your obit will be in the newspaper when you die, or maybe it will be shared with your loved ones only. Regardless, I can help you.

Sign up, and you’ll receive my workbook, How to Write Your Obit in 4 Easy Steps, and then we’ll work together to talk about what you want this world to remember about you. You’ll write the obit, and I’ll be your editor for one round of edits.

Want to see a sample? Here’s an obit I’ve written for myself.

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